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Jan. 23rd, 2012

[Ghinius sits halfheartedly propped against a wall. His body is limp, and he stares at the ceiling with a glazed-over look. He almost could be mistaken for a corpse from a distance, the only major trait of a living man being the shallow rise and fall of his chest occasionally.]

"Of course. Alone as always," he muses quietly to himself, his gaze not drifting from the ceiling.

I ◊ A Surprise

[ OOC:  continued from this thread at dear_mun.  Basically a meta-post gone AU, with Tieria and Nena Trinity teaming up after she gives him spoilers.  Threadjacking highly encouraged, Setsuna F. Seiei. ]

[ Inside the Seravee's cockpit, en route to the Ptolemaios II, after infiltrating the Federation banquet.

Currently fiddling with the communications, and trying to reach Setsuna, whom he was separated from in the ensuing scuffle. ]

[ Concerned. ] He isn't responding.

Nov. 10th, 2010

[Young Lyle Dylandy has just skipped out of class a little early in order to make sure that he walks home alone. He's just dropped marksmanship, you see, and he doesn't want to deal with his brother's questions about it just yet. Or ever. Never would be fine, really.

But as he's walking along it becomes clear the terrain has become... unfamiliar. Did he take a wrong turn at Albuquerque the last corner? He dumps his bag on the ground and pulls out the little communication device that his parents gave him last Christmas in case of emergencies. If he's lucky, maybe he can get the GPS to tell him were he is.

He isn't lucky. There's no signal whatsoever.]

What the bloody hell is wrong with this thing?

Voice Testing

There was a raise of both his eyebrows, the only admittance that he was confused about where he was. This was definitely not Ptolemy, and the last thing he remembered was battling Ribbons on the Dark Side of the moon.

...had he died in his battle?

"Where am I?"
[She is wandering like a dark ghost through the empty city. A blue orb in her hands swivels restlessly -- it doesn't seem to touch flesh as it moves. Her eyes are covered and yet she walks with ease -- quiet and calm.]

[Her lips move, yet sound seems to come from a different source.]

... There were so many before.

Where have they gone?

{ A very AU VEDA; she would love some company. :3 }

Come on in, the water's fine~

[Hiling Care is accustomed to having more freedom than is usually granted to soldiers in her faction, but in a place like this, where there are no restrictions, she finds herself unsure what to do with it. There are many options, she discovers as she explores the town, but nothing quite catches her fancy. That is, until she finds the swimming pool. It's completely deserted despite the beautiful weather. Beaming with delight, she wastes no time as she begins to undress, tossing her dark green and uncomfortably stuffy uniform on one of the beach chairs. She pauses when she spots a cute swimsuit in the window of a nearby store and decides it would be fun to try on.

Emerging back into the sunlight with her brand new two-piece and a matching towel, Hiling heads straight for the water, dropping the towel off near her uniform. She sticks a toe in first. It's colder than it looks, but that doesn't stop her from jumping in. A girlish squeal can be heard as she surfaces, splashing about, professional decorum all but forgotten.]

Apr. 6th, 2010

If this was supposed to be some sort of afterlife, the young woman wasn't impressed.  She kicked idly at a bit of debris as she walked through the city, looking two years older than she had at the time of her death, but no taller.  Things had been more interesting watching over her husband from the suit they shared.

"Doubt Wufei'll be joining me anytime soon.  Stubborn man."
[Young woman sitting on a bench, under a tree, book in hand. She seemed quite immersed in what she was reading, and reading aloud, she is --]

"Magic," whispered Digory. "Can't you feel it? I bet this whole room is just stiff with enchantments. I could feel it the moment we came in."

Are you still awake, Cherud-- ?!

[She halted in her speech, startled, red eyes blinking --]

Cherudim? ... Arios? ... Oukun?

[Jolting from her seat, and frantically looking around --]

Seravee? ... Seraphim?


(( ooc : new muse is new while silent comm is silent, but wth ; an AU-ish Akaharo, post-season 2 -- feel free to poke at! :3 ))
[Young man, seemingly in his twenties, stumbles in, hand to his temples. He paws at his pockets, and hisses under his breath --]

Where are painkillers when you need them?

[He pauses and breathes deeply, followed by a quick shake of his head. Glassy red eyes clearing, he mutters something about 'thinking too much' and 'better ask...' and shrugs. He then turns and gingerly approaches the first person he sees.]

Excuse me, but would you know what date it is today?

{ A very AU Orange Haro, transitioning from S1 to S2. Still firming up his voice, so poke away! }

[A man on a large stage suddenly appears out of nowhere. Completely oblivious to his surroundings, he gives a speech to all who would listen]

We have lost a hero to our glorious and noble cause, but does this foreshadow our defeat? No. It is a new beginning. Compared to the Earth Federation the national resources of Zeon are less than one thirtieth of theirs. Despite this major difference, how is it that we have been able to fight the fight for so long? It is because our goal in this war is a righteous one. It’s been over fifty years since the elite of Earth, consumed by greed took control of the Earth Federation. We want our freedom. Never forget the times when the Federation has trampled us! We, the Principality of Zeon, have had a long and arduous struggle to achieve freedom for all citizens of our great nation. Our fight is sacred, our cause divine. My beloved brother, Garma Zabi, was sacrificed. Why? The war is at a stalemate. Perhaps many of you have become complacent. Such a lack of compassion is unforgivable!

The Earth Federation has polluted our most cherished planet for their own greed. We must send them a message, but not composed of words. We have wasted too much time with words. We need action now. The earthside elite must be taught a strong lesson for their evil corruption. This is only the beginning of our war. We have been putting more and more money into our efforts towards making our military stronger than ever. The Earth Federation has done the same.

Many of your fathers and brothers have perished valiantly in the face of a contemptible enemy. We must never forget what the Federation has done to our people! My brother, Garma Zabi, has shown us these virtues through our own valiant sacrifice. By focusing our anger and sorrow, we are finally in a position where victory is within our grasp, and once again, our most cherished nation will flourish. Victory is the greatest tribute we can pay those who sacrifice their lives for us! Rise, our people, Rise! Take your sorrow, and turn it into anger! Zeon thirsts for the strength of its people! SIEG ZEON!!!